SEO News Update – Week of Oct 16, 2017

Google Changes & More


Google Ignores Symbols For Rankings

John Mueller of Google said that Google, for ranking and SEO purposes, ignores all symbols – including the registered trademark symbols such as ® and ™.

Google announces AdWords daily budgets can overspend by 2x, automatically

While advertisers won’t be on the hook for overages, the real question is why are daily budgets still the only option?

Google Search Algorithm & Ranking Update : October 7th – 9th

Looks like we had a Google algorithm update over the weekend, starting probably late Friday, October 6th and rolling out over the weekend. Most took notice on Saturday October 7th but the chatter is still fairly strong and will likely remain strong for the net couple of days.

Giphy CEO: We Own Happy Birthday On Google. Next Day They Get Hit

A Fast Company story on October 3rd profiling Giphy, the popular GIF search engine, ended off with the cofounder and CEO of Giphy, Alex Chung saying “Yeah, we own happy birthday now [on Google].” Then on October 4th, Giphy got hit and they are now on page two for the search term, [happy birthday].

Google: Penguin Is On Autopilot & Only Tweaked Occasionally

We kind of knew this that when Penguin went real time that it meant Google is done with numbered Penguin releases. Google’ Gary Illyes confirmed the other day at State of Search that the Penguin algorithm is still on autopilot and runs in real time by itself.

Don’t Forget Bing for 2017 Holiday Advertising

New pay-per-click advertisers invariably start with AdWords. Google holds a dominant share of search volume in the U.S. and even the name Google is synonymous with online searching. However, savvy advertisers can use Bing Ads to increase their coverage and revenue this 2017 holiday season. In this article, I’ll share insights about the reach of the Bing Network and the relative value of Bing users compared to Google.

The ever-increasing importance of usability and trust in link building

Sometimes link builders identifying promising sites think only in terms of metrics. Columnist Julie Joyce explains why usability has become one the most important things to consider.

27% of SEOs Say They’ve Never Done a Link Audit [POLL]

Ensuring that you have a high-quality and natural link profile is paramount. That’s why it’s a good practice to check your links regularly. So, when’s the last time you conducted a link audit on your website? We asked this question to the Search Engine Journal Twitter community. Here’s what we found out.


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Advanced Shopping Campaign Segmentation for Increased ROI

If ROI goals aren’t being met in your e-commerce account, consider segmenting your Shopping campaigns for a fast way to gain control over bids, budget and improve performance. While one campaign containing all products might be effective for smaller sites, using multiple Shopping campaigns is beneficial when targeting many products.

Faster & smarter: Moving from manual to automated SEM campaign management

Whether you are running a single campaign or managing multiple accounts for multiple clients, your ability to stay ahead of your competition depends on how quickly and effectively you manage and leverage your time.

Your 2017 Holiday Win List for Paid Search and Media

A few weeks ago, we hosted a webinar that dove into important aspects of paid search and digital media planning necessary to execute for the quickly approaching holiday season. In the webinar, which is available on demand, we elaborated on a few key areas of management, including how to build an effective holiday calendar, ways to target audiences using cutting-edge methods, and how to use digital to drive in-store purchases. Here, we’ll briefly touch on some of the points covered within these topics; for a more extensive discussion of these and other strategic areas of focus you should watch the webinar.

The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO – September Updates are Live!

Along with the brand-new updates this month – we’re rolling out a new deal on subscriptions to updates and the LocalU Forums.  If you buy your guide now, you have the opportunity to subscribe to monthly updates AND membership in the LocalU Forums for the low cost of $99 per month.  This is an amazing deal and saves you $60 a month over purchasing them separately.

9 Ways to Avoid SEO Disaster During an E-Commerce Platform Migration

Updating your e-commerce platform can do a lot of positive things for your brand. But if you aren’t careful, it can also wreak havoc on your site’s authority with search engines.

How to Build Links for Bing vs. Google

Have you ever wondered why you rank well (e.g., Page 1) on Google, but rank poorly (Page 4 or lower) on other search engines, like Bing? It can be confusing.  You’ve invested in SEO. Shouldn’t optimizing for one search engine work for all search engines?

5 Ways You Can Build Links Like a PR Pro

For years, I’ve been saying that public relations practitioners should make the best search engine optimization professionals. In fact, I even wrote about it 10 years ago. Little has changed since then.

Why Google Can Evaluate Content Quality – HW #137

It’s hard enough for human judges to figure out something like whether or not America actually has talent. So how can a massive machine like Google figure out what humans will recognize as quality content?


Social Media Marketing


How to Use Facebook Cover Videos: Inspiration for Marketers

Interested in setting up a Facebook cover video on your business page? Wondering how others are using cover videos on Facebook? In this article, you’ll find best practices and ideas for using Facebook cover videos on your Facebook page.

Creating Short, Snackable Videos for Instagram and Beyond

Wondering how to film and edit compelling 60-second videos? Want your videos to boost social media engagement? To explore how to create short videos for Instagram and Facebook, I interview Lindsay Ostrom.

Two-Person Instagram Live Video: What Marketers Need to Know

Want to go live with a guest on Instagram? Wondering how to use two-person live videos on Instagram? In this article, you’ll discover how to bring a guest into your live video on Instagram, and how to use this feature to bolster your brand.

How to Use Polls in Instagram Stories

Looking for ways to encourage your audience to interact with you on Instagram? Want to get more feedback from your audience in a direct way? In this article, you’ll discover how to create a poll in Instagram Stories and how to monitor the results.

Instagram Polls, YouTube Video Card Changes, and New Google Tech

On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show with Michael Stelzner, we explore Instagram polls with Jeff Sieh, YouTube video card changes with Steve Dotto, new Google tech, and more breaking social media marketing news of the week!

YouTube Advertising: New Research and Insights for Marketers

In this article, you’ll find new research that reveals how consumers respond to ads on YouTube and insights about how marketers plan to adjust their YouTube ad spend.

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