SEO News Update – Week of Mar 05, 2018

Google Changes, Updates & More

Google Algorithm Update Brewing? Depends Who You Ask.

Over the past couple days or so, the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread has some folks passionately yelling there was a massive update, while some are saying it looks all static and fine from their point of view. Most of those in the WebmasterWorld forums are SEOs that monitor a bunch of sites, so normally it is a good place to look at for updates happening. Unlike the official Google forums where those are mostly site owners looking at just one site.

Google releases Mobile Scorecard & Impact Calculator tools to illustrate importance of mobile page speed

Google has focused on getting marketers and site owners to improve mobile site experiences for many years now. On Monday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the search giant announced the release of two new mobile benchmarking resources to help in this effort: a new Mobile Scorecard and a conversion Impact Calculator.

Google confirms bug with crawl stats in ‘time spent downloading a page’ Search Console report

Google’s webmaster trends analyst John Mueller has confirmed on Twitter that there is a reporting glitch with the crawl stats “time spent downloading a page” report in the Google Search Console for the dates February 20 and 21.

Google’s Fetch & Render

I just found out that Google Search Console brought back the fetch & render Ajax hash bang URLs! On the following post I’ll explain why this silence update that went under the radar is so important.

German court: Google has no ‘duty to inspect’ websites for illegal content before displaying

The court held that Google can’t be held liable before being notified of a ‘clearly recognizable violation’ of individual rights.

Google To Clarify How To Make Lazy Loading Images & Content SEO Friendly

Google has said before that they can’t see lazy loaded content on mobile but said it is a tricky situation. That was back in 2015, about three years ago. Now, Google is going to work up some advice and help documents around how to make lazy loading content and images more discoverable by GoogleBot.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Update – Version 9.0

I’m delighted to announce the release of Screaming Frog SEO Spider 9.0, codenamed internally as ‘8-year Monkey’.

Test your technical skills by beating the SEO games

An unusual game entirely made by hidden clues. From a homepage without links, using some of your technical SEO skills, discover the next pages, until reaching the end to earn a place in the hall of fame. If you’re an SEO nerd like yours truly, you’ll love it!

Why SEO Is Not Going Away…But Will Change – Here’s Why #155

There are only a few ways you can kill a vampire, but many assume they’ve found the wooden stake in the heart of SEO. Supposedly more sophisticated search algorithms and the threat of new digital devices will soon do away with the need for search engine optimization.


Tutorials, Analysis & SEO Budgeting

Over 70 Percent of Top-Ten Sites Have This Characteristic

Quick: What’s a common characteristic of 70 percent (or more) of top-ten sites? Is it a clickable Title? Is it long-form content? Nope. In fact, to borrow from Buzzfeed, “The answer will surprise you.” The answer: site security. Two recent studies show secure, https pages are locking up the top results.

Keeping up with technical SEO

Remember the phrase “peak oil” that was bandied about by doomsayers just a few short years ago? The notion that the world was about to imminently run out of oil, and that would be the end of cars, planes and trains and everything else that runs on petroleum? “Peak oil” today sounds about as ludicrous as a similarly misguided prognostication made around the same time: namely, the impending “death of SEO.”

I Deleted My Disavow File. You’ll Never Guess What Happened.

As an experiment of sorts, I decided to delete and completely removed the disavow file that I had uploaded to Google’s Disavow Tool. For the past several years, on an off (about every 3 months or so), I have been reviewing the backlinks to this website,, and disavowing links to the site. When disavowing links, I would sometimes see some good results–but nothing to write home about. Nothing that would make the website suddenly rank really well for the keywords I’m targeting on this website. But nothing negative would happen, as well–the site didn’t generally lose any search engine rankings or traffic from organic search. That’s kind of expected, though.

An easy way to see if Google thinks your webpages are keyword relevant

Contributor Eric Enge shows us how to determine if a webpage is relevant for the keywords it targets and what do to when it falls flat.

Bringing link bait back for 2018… well kind of

Link bait is a phrase that those who are new to SEO have probably never used or even heard before. After hitting its peak popularity in December 2008, the phrase has slowly been dying out – but is there still something to be said for link bait?

22 Google-Backed Tips To Get Atop Of The Search Results

If you want to get a top Google ranking, then we say you follow the old saying: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When having a website for which you want to get the best display on Google, do what Google would like you to do.

3 Underground Tools to Take Competitive Analysis to the Next Level

Competition today is higher than it has ever been before. One of the common truths in conducting business these days is you are now facing threats across industries and verticals, rather than just geographic location.

3 Core Trade-offs Every SEO Strategy Must Consider

Very few strategies are mutually exclusive in the SEO industry, but that doesn’t mean doing both is always the best of both worlds.


Social Media Marketing

Top 55 Social Media Marketing Influencers to Follow in 2018

Social Media Marketing  is the lifeblood of any online business or brand. It is immensely difficult for a business to imagine their online success without having an effective social media  marketing strategy in hand. Various studies have also cemented this fact that social media Marketing is one of the most important aspects of online marketing.

14 Mobile Apps to Create Branded Visuals

Do you create visual images with your smartphone or tablet? Looking for tools to brand your images and video on the go? In this article, you’ll discover 14 mobile apps to help you make branded social media visuals.

Top Tips For Using Video In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

In my experience, videos are more memorable than traditional marketing content and more convenient for consumers to engage with. Last year, Facebook began favoring longer videos in people’s news feeds in order to keep viewers on the platform based on the percent of each video they watch. There is an art to creating the perfect social media marketing video.

How to Use Live Video in a Product Launch: 7 Ways

In this article, you’ll discover seven live video tactics that will create a warm and engaged audience for your next launch.

How to Use Google AdWords to Promote YouTube Videos

Do you want a specific audience to see your YouTube content? Wondering how Google AdWords targeting can help? In this article, you’ll discover five ways Google AdWords targeting can improve delivery of your YouTube video ads.

Instagram Stories: How Businesses Can Make the Most of Stories

Do you want to create more engaging and effective Instagram stories? Are you using all of the Instagram Stories features available to you? To explore how you can use the latest Stories features, I interview Sue B. Zimmerman.

How to Use Snapchat Insights

Is your business on Snapchat? Looking for more robust analytics data on your snaps and stories? In this article, you’ll discover how to navigate and use Snapchat Insights to learn more about your Snapchat marketing activities.

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