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Competitive Research & Strategy Development

This is where we start with most clients. All necessary data collection and auditing happens during this phase. Once that process is complete and we have a solid picture of where the client currently stands within the competitive landscape, and what their strength and weaknesses are, we develop and deliver a detailed and prioritized plan that includes all specific action items relating to the specific focus of the engagement.

Content Production & Asset Development

More often than not, the strategy roadmap that we create in phase 1 includes the development of new content and/or assets. In situations where the client does not have the internal resources to handle the content/asset development, we can provide the client an additional proposal that covers the development and project management of any items that cannot be handled internally. In addition to our core team, we also work with a great network of quality vendors, which enables us to assemble and mange virtually any type of production team necessary to get the job done.

Content & Asset Promotion

Once the components of the strategy have been developed (by either us, the client or a combination of both) we often get involved in handling the promotion efforts associated with those assets. That process can include things like blogger outreach/online PR, social sharing, and paid amplification campaigns utilizing tools such as Facebook/Twitter ads, and Google remarketing.

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