This is where we start with most clients. All necessary data collection and auditing happens during this phase.


More often than not, the strategy roadmap that we create in phase 1 includes the
development of new content and/or assets.


Once the components of the strategy have been developed (by either us, the client or a combination of both) we often get involved in handling the promotion efforts associated with those assets.

In Our Words

Foundation Digital is a boutique digital consultancy that helps companies develop and execute data-driven earned media strategies designed to increase market share, brand awareness, and most importantly, the bottom line.

We’re Only As Good As Our People

Which means you’re in great hands.

Strengths Weaknesses
Seeing the Big Picture Integrating an ROAS mindset on organic SEO & Content Marketing Thought Leader in the World of SEO Sense of humor Late Night Snacking Madden Football BBQ Potato Chips
Loren Baker
digital content & SEO strategies.
Strengths Weaknesses
Technical SEO Site Migrations Playing the Keytar Data Crunching & Predictive Analysis Carne Asada Denver Broncos
Greg Boser
Strengths Weaknesses
teamwork integrity
organization peripheral vision attention to detail
my pets - all of them! chocolate
Jo Watt
Director of Content Production
Strengths Weaknesses
Planning Problem-solving Teamwork Taking initiative Cat owner Coffee Cat owner, camera OFF at all times.
Rebeca Viana
Content Production Manager
Strengths Weaknesses
Relationship Building Creativity Awkward in a “Fun Way” Branding Organization Pasta & Beer Overthinking Everything
Amber Heckler
Director of Client Success
Strengths Weaknesses
Apocalypse resolution Chaos orchestration Technical analysis Strategy Obsessed with goals Chocolate Strong belief that explaining something with a Simpsons quote is a virtue
Rene Martinez
Web Development Project Manager
Strengths Weaknesses
Staying ahead of the curve Branding Creativity Integrity Problem-solver Music Ice Cream
Laura Duzel
Content Production & Project Manager
Strengths Weaknesses
Project Planning Responsibility Organized HR Management Online Marketing Email Marketing Beef My bed Stop thinking about everything at night.
Daniel Mendoza
Web Development Project Manager
Strengths Weaknesses
Time management Wordsmithing Coordinating teams Debating over plural vs. singular pronouns Finding more fun facts than anyone wants to hear about Sharks (which should be everyone’s answer) Having 19 backups of the same document (just in case!)
Cheyenne DeBorde
Strengths Weaknesses
B2B Technology Research Copywriting French Press Coffee Preparation Consistency White Chocolate Buying Too Many Books
Bruce Harpham
B2B Content Marketing Consultant
Strengths Weaknesses
Devoted, Calm, Creative, Honest, Cheerful Not an early bird, Quite Introvert
Max Kulich
3D Artist
Strengths Weaknesses
Learner, Analytical, Focus, Responsibility, Significance (From the Gallup Strengths Finder test) Ham Radio Activities, My Wife’s Cooking
Jim Wilson
Strengths Weaknesses
Organization Disciplined Persistent Resourceful Team player A bit OCD at times Cranky when sleepy
Jime Garnier
Outreach Manager
Strengths Weaknesses
Obsessing over the details Enthusiastic researching Creative writing Expert editing Team player Obsessing over the details Chocolate
Joann Slover
Strengths Weaknesses
Words Numbers Analysis Data Viz Creativity Oxford comma Strengths/weaknesses lists
Steph Guinan
Senior Writer
Strengths Weaknesses
Illustration Design Teamwork Animation Enthusiast Series and Movies lover My love for Animal Crossing New Horizons Artbooks Sales
Carla M. Vera
Strengths Weaknesses
Collaborative Resourceful Open minded Design Illustration Video Games Overthinking
Daniel Wong
Strengths Weaknesses
Work well under pressure,
Accept criticism, Deliver work on time, Like to be creative, Good with schedules
Impatient Always forget to send my invoices
Milo Maldonado
graphic designer
Strengths Weaknesses
Intuitive Loyal Coachable Eager to learn English mechanics Asking for help Perfectionism
Heith Camahan
QA Content Editor
Strengths Weaknesses
Creativity Dedication Honesty Optimistic Compassionate Introverted Waking up in the morning
Felipe Gerardo Viana
Content Production Assistant
Strengths Weaknesses
Creativity Attention to details Philosophy Offbeat approach Logic Attention to details Dark Chocolate
Alex Volkov
Designer, illustrator and owner of Kadasarva design studio.
Strengths Weaknesses
Decisive Prioritization Analytical Multitasking Calm under pressure Self-critical Tea addict (10+ mugs/day)
Charles Langat
Content Writer

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