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Telling your brand story or key message in a way that connects and resonates with
viewers is important in today’s world of fast-paced action and crowded competition.
Foundation Digital specializes in creating highly visible infographics that grab people’s attention with an attractive and professional style filled with content that transforms complex data and information into concise, easy-to-read facts, graphs and other data images.

Data Analysis That’s Not Boring

Instead of a boring report on the state of today’s rental market, our fun infographic presents the information in a much more approachable and engaging way.

Accessing New Audiences With Bold Graphics

Bold imagery and in-depth analysis are showcased in this widely-shared infographic

Breaking-Down Complex Topics

Many industries face the challenge of communicating complex topics to an audience that has a limited attention span.

Breaking-Down Complex Topics

How OneClass Leveraged SEO & PR to Increase Traffic by 5M Users

The education technology company OneClass already had millions of college students using its platform. However, it lacked positioning as a leader within the educational community and had goals to grow its organic search presence in Google.

Enter Foundation Digital. With a campaign targeting the education sector, we took the pulse of the student community by doing a series of surveys about trending issues in the news that affected the student body, these were branded as the OneQuestion campaign by OneClass.

Foundation Digital crafted the questions based on current trends, then dissected the results to tell a narrative on the OneClass site. Instead of sending the student base long surveys, OneClass sent simple “one-questions” that resulted in increased and timely responses. The next step was PR/Digital PR and traditional blogger and influencer outreach around that targeted and rich OneQuestion content.

As a result, we helped establish OneClass as a key data source on educational issues and student sentiment. This led to citations and links from many notable news outlets including Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Money magazine, ABC News, the New York Times and CNBC.

Foundation Digital executed an integrated SEO and Digital PR marketing campaign that got results. As a result of the creative thinking to leverage existing assets (our student base), we provided highly sought-after insights about the student experience.

As a result of this integrated campaign, OneClass saw an increase of 5M users from SEO efforts in 2020 over 2019 (137%+ YoY) for a total of 9.9M users from organic search in 2020.

Accessing New Audiences With Bold New Graphics

The Trending News & Culture campaign was created with the goal of media outlet pickups, staying on top of consumer trends, utilizing this content in an omni-channel environment, social media marketing, and link acquisition, all in an effort to support and boost overall client goals.

All content ideation is researched through search volume data and social sharing data in an effort to support overall Groundworks SEO goals, local and national. Thus the ability to promote this content through digital PR channels leads to high quality & authority inbound links which supports SEO strategy.

The end result of this Scariest Basements Infographic resulted in 115+ pickups & external backlinks with over 187M in reach including mainstream media like Fox News, pop culture sites like The Showbiz Cheat Sheet, home sites such as Apartment Therapy and various TV & radio clips and links from coverage in their stations blogs.

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