SEO News Update – Week of Jan 8, 2017

Google Changes & More

New Year’s Eve 2017 Google doodle brings back penguins for the holiday doodle series

Google started its holiday doodle series on December 18 when it first introduced the family of animated penguins. Since then it posted the second part of the series on Christmas, December 25, and now today’s third entry to mark New Year’s Eve.

Google: Mobile Internal Link Structure Doesn’t Have To Be The Same

Google said back in June that when thinking about the mobile first index that you should try your best to make your mobile pages equivalent to your desktop pages. Yes, it makes sense, if you do not want to see substantial changes to your rankings in Google when you are flipped over to the mobile first index then keeping things the same is your best bet.

Report: Google exploring sale of Zagat reviews

According to a report appearing in Reuters, Google’s parent Alphabet is considering a sale of reviews publication Zagat. The company was purchased in September, 2011 for a reported $151 million in the wake of a failed deal to acquire Yelp.

Report: Amazon in discussions with consumer brands about ads on Alexa [company denies it]

According to a report on CNBC, Amazon is in talks with several large consumer product companies, such as Procter & Gamble, about advertising and sponsorship opportunities through Alexa and voice search. However, Amazon has denied the story saying it has no plans to introduce ads on Alexa (see postscript below).

How much will privacy regulation disrupt the local search market in 2018?

Columnist Wesley Young covers a growing storm of events that are likely to culminate in substantial regulatory change and analyzes the impact that can have on the local search industry.

There’s nothing stopping climate change deniers from using Google AdWords

The latest case study on ways in which targeting algorithms determine the kinds of ads we see.


Tutorials, Analysis & SEO Budgeting

SEO Metrics You Need to Focus on in 2018

Relying on keyword rankings to measure the success of your SEO work is an outdated practice that gives no indication of the value of work to your business. Here are the metrics that you should be looking at alongside rankings to understand how search engine optimisation is benefiting you.

18 link resolutions for 2018

Oh, the resolutions keep coming! Based on last year’s 17 link resolutions for 2017, I give you my 18 link resolutions for the new year. Here’s to a great start for all your marketing efforts!

Building links in 2018: Think like a PR, act like an SEO

Publications are no following links or have a strict policy to not link externally at all. Google is looking for quality links which drive engagement (in other words, links that people actually click on), and there’s simply more competition.

How to Increase Click-throughs on Organic Search Listings

Finding new keywords to target and developing content around them is a common practice for search engine optimization. But optimizing for a keyword does not necessarily mean a searcher will click on an organic search result. In this post, I will share two little-known tips to increase click-throughs (and sales) from organic listings.

7 email trends to watch in 2018

As we head into 2018, columnist Kyle Henderick predicts the trends that will have the biggest impact on your email marketing program over the next 12 months.

Here’s What a Negative SEO Attack Looks Like

We keep hearing about negative SEO, and negative SEO attacks against websites. If you have ever had a negative SEO attack leveraged against your website or your client’s website, then you probably know what a negative SEO attack looks like. It’s a lot of links pointed to a page or several pages on your website. In the past several years I’ve dealt with a lot of negative SEO attacks, and cleaned (and cleaned) those links up, and always disavowed those links.

11 Super Easy (& New) Ways That Boosts Your Site Speed Like Never Before

Most of us are already aware of checking the site on Page Speed Insights, creating AMP pages and implementing a DNS so I won’t be discussing basic ways to speed up your site.

How to Find & Eliminate 90%+ of Click Fraud in the Google Display Network

Unfortunately, every display ad network on the planet has fraudulent website placements designed to drain ad budgets from unsuspecting advertisers. You need to get these placements out of your campaigns so your money is spent on clicks that actually do something for your business!


Social Media Marketing

New Year, New Strategy: How To Audit Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

We’re just starting a new year, and for most marketers that means exciting changes and preparing for a successful year of brand promotion and customer interaction on one of the most cost-efficient platforms available to us—social media. There’s no better way to start than to audit and evaluate last year’s efforts, so you can replicate your best strategies, eliminate your worst, and learn from all the experiments you attempted throughout the year.

Top 10 Influential Social Media Marketing Campaigns of 2017

It’s been one wild year in the world of social media marketing. We saw marketing teams coming up with some of the most creative—and humorous—campaigns yet, some of which rival what we saw in 2013’s, 2015’s and 2016’s Top 10 Influential Social Media Marketing Campaign lists. In addition to these advertising feats of strength, you’ll notice a continued focus to promote social causes on social media platforms. Some of these campaigns were true grass-root movements, while others were driven by companies.

17+ Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2018 From the Pros

To find out how marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest will change in the coming year, we reached out to expert social media professionals to get their thoughts.

18 Apps and Tools for Social Media Marketers

Wondering how to improve the visual and written content you produce? Looking for a list of tools to help? In this article, you’ll discover 18 helpful apps from the Social Media Marketing Podcast’s Discovery of the Week.

8 tips for getting social media ads right

Are your social media ads missing the mark? Contributor Peter Minnium outlines eight tips and tricks to help you connect with your audience and build a community of loyal followers.

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