SEO News Update – Week of Feb 05, 2017

Google Changes, 2018 Trends & More

Ranking In Google By Aligning Content Around Searcher Intent

It has been a while since I heard SEOs talk more in the abstract around how Google is understanding the content on your web pages as a whole, and how that has to align to the searcher intent based on the searcher’s query, history and patterns. Google is smarter when it comes to understanding their individuals searchers goals and expectations and thus, Google wants to tailor those search experiences to each and every searcher based on the data they have about them (and they have a lot of data about them).

Google publishes comprehensive guide to featured snippets

Google has published one of the most comprehensive explanations yet of their featured snippets in a post on the search blog. Featured snippets, in short, are the quick direct answers you see at the top of the Google search results page that appear in response to some search queries.

Marketing Predictions for 2018: The Future of SEO & Content

Marketing predictions for 2018 might be a dime a dozen, but we have something a little better than a crystal ball backing up our look into the future. Let’s face it, if you’re going to take anyone’s advice, it might as well be the marketing experts and thought leaders who are helping to write the 2018 story right now.

Get help with cheaper flights and potential flight delays this winter

Around this time of year, snowbirds fly out on tropical getaways, skiers and snowboarders take a weekend to hit the slopes, and potential flight delays are stressful for all travelers. Google Flights can now help you predict those flight delays, and we’re also introducing a new feature to help you feel confident about finding the cheapest fare no matter where you’re going.

Delayed Growth of Close Variants Following Google Changes Now Becoming Clear

Last June I wrote about what the early data was telling us following Google’s March 2017 adjustment to the definition of close variants. This change made the addition, subtraction, and change of function words acceptable adjustments for a query to be deemed an exact match close variant, and also allowed for the words in a keyword to be reordered and still count as an exact match close variant.

New Adform study: Ads.txt is reaching ‘universal pickup’

In the US, 82 percent of top US publishers on the Adform ad tech platform employ ads.txt. Globally, it’s 70 percent.

More Google Search Algorithm Updates Going On Now?

Over the past several days, people have been moaning about ranking and organic search changes in the SEO communities. The most public one is WebmasterWorld, but the overall “chatter,” as I like to call it, has been somewhat slow and limited. I am sure some webmasters and SEOs have seen significant changes in their rankings over the past week – as you all tell me, Google is updating several times a day. But I do not personally believe these are massive or largish algorithmic updates with Google as a whole.


Tutorials, Analysis & SEO Budgeting

What to get right before launching a global business

Taking your brand to an international stage is exciting. You reach untapped audiences and expose your brand, product and services to a global market!

Why You Need an Enterprise SEO Strategy – Here’s Why #151

Acme Grommets is in trouble and the CEO is not happy. They’re a huge company, but they didn’t take the time to build an enterprise-level SEO strategy, and now their sales are tanking! Find out what happened in the video.

13 SEO Myths That Are Probably Killing Your Ranks

As we are often being asked about many misconceptions from the SEO world, we’ve decided to gather and share with you the most important SEO myths that tend to keep you from improving your ranks and traffic. And of course, clarify them once and for all.

How to get more Google reviews?

Google Reviews take away the big business advantage in local SEO by giving brands with the best reputation centre-stage. SMEs have the benefit of being flexible, which makes it easier to create a more personal customer experience and meet the unique needs of individual clients.

The Beginner’s Guide to Identifying and Recovering from a Google Penalty

Assuming that you are in fact reading this as someone new to the industry, I would imagine that it is safe to say that not-too-recently you have felt absolutely overwhelmed with all of the new information you have been taking in.  With the constant talk of keywords, on-page, off-page, and algorithm updates it is very easy to get the motivational wind knocked out of you.  Then you begin hearing people talk about penguins, pandas, and some fish named Fred.

What the ROAS? A practical guide to improving return on ad spend

Contributor Jacob Baadsgaard shows how ROAS, or return on advertising spend, can be used to show the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and whether they are worth the money spent on them.

Long Tail Brand Queries

In SEO, there’s been years of talking about how to own your brand SERP and how to ensure that you get that quality Named Entity Recognition from Google…. But stop for a minute. How often do you actually just search the name of a bricks and mortar store or a brand?


Social Media Marketing

5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

With the increased suppression of organic reach for brands, people have suggested everything, from focusing on Facebook Groups only, to abandoning Facebook altogether. In my opinion, we all just need to take a deep breath and think objectively about what we’re hoping to get from social media marketing.

Best Practices For Referral Marketing on Social Media

Referral marketing doesn’t just happen on its own. Just like other marketing promotions, your referral program needs to be promoted and fed into your various marketing channels. One of the most powerful channels of promotion is social media, and a social referral program is actually easy to promote.

12 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Presence

Instagram is more than just a mobile photo and video sharing social network, it provides a perfect opportunity for businesses to reveal insights into the core of their brand identity in a visual, creative and engaging way.

How Online Video Is Taking Over The Internet [Infographic]

Video-on-demand (VoD) is one of the largest online video formats of 21st century. VoD has hugely grown in popularity over the past 5 years. By 2020, estimates believe that there will be more than 200 million global VoD households, with Netflix, YouTube, Hulu leading the way in order of market share.

How to Use Video Content to Sell

Wondering how video can support your sales process? Looking for tips on how to use video in your marketing funnel? To explore how video can turn leads into customers, I interview Marcus Sheridan.

The Ultimate 40-Point Checklist for Smarter Content Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

Everyone and their brother has jumped into the online content creation game. Every minute on the Internet, YouTube users upload 300 hours of new video and Snapchat users share more than 500,000 photos. Over 450,000 tweets are sent. Facebook users post 293,000 status updates.

How to Drive Traffic With Your Facebook Cover Photo

Want to drive Facebook traffic to your website without using ads? Wondering how your Facebook cover image can help? In this article, you’ll discover how to use your Facebook cover image to generate clicks that convert into leads.


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