SEO News Update – Week of Dec 4, 2017

Google Changes & More

Google facing $1 billion in potential liability with UK class action

In 2012, Google paid $22.5 million to settle an FTC claim that the company “misrepresented to users of Apple Inc.’s Safari Internet browser that it would not place tracking cookies or serve targeted ads to those users . . .” The company bypassed Safari’s cookie-blocking settings, it said, to deliver a “signed-in” user experience.

Google Local Questions & Answers now rolling out to desktop search

Searchers and businesses can now search on desktop to add questions and answers to the new Google Q&A feature.

Google: We Do Not Use Time To First Byte For Search Rankings

Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that time to first byte, as a page speed metric, is not used at all by Google in search or search rankings. John said “AFAIK we currently don’t use TTFB for anything in search/ranking.” “It can be a good proxy for user-facing speed, but like other metrics, don’t blindly focus on it,” he added.

Google warns webmasters not to use misleading event markup

Google is warning publishers and webmasters not to use event markup in a way that is misleading to searchers, or else Google will remove the ability for your whole website to show rich snippets in its search results.

The changing SERP: Understanding and adapting to dynamic search results

Search results have become more personalized and dynamic over the years, creating a more challenging SEO environment for search and content marketers. But columnist Jim Yu shows how these changes can create opportunities for those willing to do the work.

Google brings local lead generation to Google Assistant and Google Home

Google is bringing new forms of local search to the Google Assistant and Google Home. The company announced it’s working with local home service providers “like HomeAdvisor and Porch.”

Google: Your Structured Data Should Match Visible Content

Google’s John Mueller said that if you implement structured data on a page, that structured data should match the content visible on your page. The most obvious example is if you add review markup to your page but there are not reviews visible to the end user, that would be spammy structured markup.

Google Bug Removes Answers From The Local Q&A Feature

Brodie Clark from has been tracking the local Q&A feature in depth and noticed the other day that many of his answers have gone missing. He was upset because he spent a lot of time and energy answering questions for Google and those businesses and now they were gone.


Earlier today AdGooroo examined paid search activity on retail product keywords over the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend. Now we turn our attention to performance on Black Friday- and Cyber Monday-specific keywords, analyzing U.S. Google desktop text ad click share on 164 non-branded Black Friday terms such as ‘black friday’ and ‘black friday deals’ and 74 non-branded Cyber Monday terms, including ‘cyber monday’ and ‘cyber monday sales’.


Tutorials, Analysis & SEO Budgeting


The Backstory – I never truly believed Google’s statements that 302 redirects no longer lose PageRank, a story that made quite the buzz back in the summer of 2016. So, I decided to test it. What I discovered in the weeks ahead was not what I expected, nor what I was (secretly) hoping for.

Large-Scale Study: How to Rank for Featured Snippets in 2018

In a study conducted by SEMrush and Ghergich & Co., we analyzed 1.6 million featured snippets. Furthermore, we analyzed 80 million keywords. The goal was to break down featured snippet percentages by keyword group.

Underscores, Optimization & Arms Races

A dozen years ago, the web started to reshape itself around major companies like Google. We can understand the genesis of today’s algorithmic arms race against the tech titans just by looking at a single character.

Does Google Rank Brands Artificially Higher Simply Because They Are Brands?

8 and half years ago, Dave Peiris (described by other British SEO as one of the best human beings on the planet), wrote a blog post by the name of “Unlocking Google’s Vince Update”. In it, Dave looked at different plausible theories related to Google’s brand promotion. At the end of the blogpost he wrote, “It’d be incredibly difficult to prove for sure either of those ideas because it involves user data that we don’t have access to …”.

8 simple ways to utilize a blog to improve SEO results

Seemingly every company has a blog these days. Unfortunately, very few organizations fully capitalize on their blog content to maximize SEO results. Here are eight simple ways a blog can improve your website’s organic visibility, traffic and results.

How Do I Rank Higher in Google Local Search? Our Checklist for Local SEO

The good news: Showing up in Google’s search engine can be extremely beneficial to your local business. The bad news: Google doesn’t care if you rank high or low. It cares only that there are quality results that answer the query to the total satisfaction of the searcher.

How YouTube Videos Rank in Google

Just how powerful is YouTube when it comes to ranking in Google search? That’s the question I’ll seek to address in today’s post. I’ll do that by looking at the frequency of placement in the Google search results for two different types of queries, and then comparing those rankings against how other videos rank.


Social Media Marketing

7 Mobile Apps for Editing and Enhancing Images

Do you want to edit your social media images on the go? Looking for easy-to-use smartphone apps to fine-tune your photos? In this article, you’ll discover seven mobile apps for editing and enhancing your visuals.

5 Social Tools for Social Media Marketers

Want to save time creating content and ads for your social media marketing? Interested in tools that help you track content and ad performance? To explore tools that simplify a marketer’s job, I interview Ian Cleary.

10 Social Media Predictions for 2018 [Infographic]

Below we’ve put together a handy infographic that shows the top takeaways that every digital marketer should be aware of. Our full 2018 predictions social media predictions report includes input from experts like Mike Stelzner (Social Media Examiner), Gini Dietrich (Spin Sucks) and Matt Navarra (The Next Web).

11 Social Media Engagement Boosting Tactics That Actually Work [Infographic]

Are you looking for ways to boost your social media engagement? Want to know how to create social media content your followers will love?

Facebook Creator App, Instagram Changes, YouTube Stories Function

Join us live for the Social Media Marketing Talk Show with Michael Stelzner as we explore the Facebook Creator app with Mari Smith, Instagram changes with Sue B. Zimmerman, YouTube Stories function with Amy Schmittauer, and more breaking social media marketing news of the week!

How to Use Facebook to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog Posts

Do you want to drive more Facebook traffic to your blog? Wondering how to optimize your shares of your blog content for visibility and reach? In this article, you’ll discover a five-step plan for promoting blog posts on Facebook.

How to Optimize a YouTube Channel and Videos for Better Visibility

Want more views for your YouTube content? Wondering how to show up in YouTube’s search and suggested videos? An optimized YouTube channel delivers a rewarding viewing experience and works with the YouTube algorithm to boost your visibility.

The Benefits of Blogging: 20+ Stats Business Owners Need to Know [Infographic]

Are you considering starting a blog for your business? Want to fully understand the benefits of blogging before investing your time and resources?

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