Site Architecture & Indexing Review

Foundation Digital will provide the client with a written overview of any potential architectural issues with the client’s site that may inhibit  the site’s ability to achieve high search engine visibility. The overview will also include specific recommendations regarding possible solutions for all identified issues.

Index & Crawl Diagnostics

  • Number of Pages Indexed
  • Sitemap Validation – All sitemaps located and checked for both accuracy and validation.
  • Robots.txt Validation – Robots.txt file checked for validation and reviewed for efficiency. And less-than-optimal issues are identified.
  • Proper Canonicalization – Check for proper redirection of www, non-www.

Content Analysis

Foundation Digital will look specifically at content performance throughout the site to pinpoint areas that could have contributed to the loss of traffic and keywords.

Code Efficiency

  • Average Page Load Speed
  • W3C Validation
  • JavaScript and CSS optimization
  • Topic Focus & Semantic Structure
  • Title & Description Efficiency – How accurately titles and descriptions match content.
  • Headings Review – H1 duplication, proper nesting, us of semantic variations, etc.
  • Hierarchy Review – Proper separation of content by top-level topic.
  • Internal Linking Structure
  • Breadcrumbs – Proper use, click path, vs. content structure, etc.
  • Links per Page – Excessive linking, wasting juice, etc.
  • Internal Anchor Text – Use of inline linking, internal keyword stuffing, etc.
  • Mobile Compatibility Review



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