SEO Audits – Technical, Linking & Penalty Recovery

At Foundation Digital SEO audit is the first step in developing a sustainable organic marketing strategy for your business. It is also an excellent way to acquire a second or third party opinion on the overall success of your current marketing initiatives.

At Foundation Digital, we’ve worked with numerous brands to drill down into onsite technical, content or linking issues. Once the initial assessment has been done and the core issues have been brought to the surface Foundation works in consultation with  our clients  to fix these issues as that first step in building their SEO foundation.

No audit for two sites is the same and we take a ground up approach, learning from clients during the Onboarding process, conducting the audit and then building out a prioritized action plan based on client & development capabilities. The following is an overview of the data and issues that we look into when putting together an SEO audit for Foundation Digital clients.



SEO Analytics & Onsite Data

Foundation Digital begins the engagement by reviewing analytics data as extracted from the client’s chosen web analytics provider. Although most clients we work with utilize Google Analytics, we also have experience with various other analytics solutions tools.

The focus of the SEO analytic review will be to collect and analyze all data relating to:

  • Organic search tracking implementation
  • Current traffic sources and keywords (samples of keywords from Google organic referrals and alternative sources)
  • Potential duplicate content issues
  • Top performing/underperforming keywords & landing pages
  • Overall content performance

Keyword Research & Visibility

Foundation Digital will combine the keyword data collected from the client’s analytics tool with data collected from multiple keyword research services, and any internal search data provided by the client to generate a keyword research report containing the following two types of data:

  •   Top search phrases
  •   Targeting recommendations (Long & Short Term)

Foundation Digital will then use the completed keyword lists to generate a baseline score for the client that incorporates a proprietary scoring system that factors the following:

  •   The estimated search query popularity.
  •   The estimated search engine market share for the 3 2 main search engines (Google, Bing and maybe Yahoo).
  •   The estimated SERP CTR of your listings.

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