Lending a Hand Wherever You Need It

Take advantage of the Foundation Digital edge even if you’ve got other areas of your content creation, marketing and promotion covered. For companies with a strong internal team looking for assistance with audits, competitive intelligence and/or overall strategy development, our consulting services can take one or more of these forms:

  • Flat-rate auditing: If you have specific questions for which you need detailed and documented answers for, simply give us a list of the topic(s) you need help with and we’ll provide a flat-rate quote that includes all the data collection and research time required to put together a prioritized action plan.
  • Hourly phone consulting: If you’re just looking for a little extra guidance to help round out your internal strategies, our “pay-as-you-go” hourly phone consulting program can be delivered via a traditional conference call or other technologies, such as Skype or Google+, and you’re free to use the time to discuss any topics within our areas of expertise.
  • Monthly retainer consulting: If you’re looking for a bit more structure and consistency than our phone consulting offers, our retainer program gives you scheduled weekly phone consultations and email support along with access to a private client workspace where your team members can post questions and receive timely answers anytime during the duration of the engagement. If you prefer more “in person” time, we can also include an initial meeting with your team and/or regularly scheduled follow-up meetings at your location.

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