Competitive Back Link Analysis

Foundation Digital will provide an in-depth backlink analysis for our clients and their top competitors. The backlink audit will include the following information:

  • Complete backlink profiles for all competitors.
  • Specific strategies and tactics on a site-by-site basis.
  • Review of discovered tactics along with analysis regarding sustainability, and relevance to potential future client strategies.
  • And more secret sauce!

The following Domain Level Comparative Metrics will be compared and reported upon:

  •   Total Number of Backlinks
  •   Total Number of Unique Linking Domains
  •   Unique Domain/Link Ratio
  •   Total Number of Unique Linking IPs (and C Blocks)
  •   IP Country Distribution (percentage breakdown of linking countries)
  •   Deep Link Ratio (percentage of internal pages with backlinks)
  •   Anchor Text Distribution & Trust metrics
  •  And more!



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