SEO News Update – Week of Oct 23, 2017

Google Changes & More

Google Shares Details About the Technology Behind Googlebot

Crawling and indexing has been a hot topic over the last few years. As soon as Google launched Google Panda, people rushed to their server logs and crawling stats and began fixing their index bloat. All those problems didn’t exist in the “SEO = backlinks” era from a few years ago. With this exponential growth of technical SEO, we need to get more and more technical. That being said, we still don’t know how exactly Google crawls our websites. Many SEOs still can’t tell the difference between crawling and indexing.

Google Ranking Algorithm Same For Top Ten Results As Top Hundred Results

John Mueller of Google said on a Google webmaster hangout at the 38:30 mark into yesterday’s hangout that Google uses the same algorithm to rank the first page results that it does for the other pages in their search results. He said the top ten results are ranked using the exact same algorithm as results 11 through 100.

Google Ranking Fair: Where Google Engineers Show Off Future Search Changes

So Danny Sullivan has only been at Google as an employee for a minute and already shared something I had no idea Google did, a Google Ranking Fair.


WHITE-COLLAR AUTOMATION HAS become a common buzzword in debates about the growing power of computers, as software shows potential to take over some work of accountants and lawyers. Artificial-intelligence researchers at Google are trying to automate the tasks of highly paid workers more likely to wear a hoodie than a coat and tie—themselves.

Google Posts can now be automated with new API support

Google has updated the Google My Business API to add some support for creating and editing Google Posts. Google Posts is a feature that allows people and businesses to create content directly on Google that can appear highly ranked in Google search results for their names.

Google: 301s & 302s, What is Best For PageRank & Ranking Signals

At State of Search in Dallas last week, I asked Gary Illyes about the issue about 301 versus 302s when it comes to passing PageRank.  While Google has said previously that both pass PageRank, there are arguments from many SEOs that 301s are better for passing PageRank while others insist 302s are better for PageRank.

At Google Local Expert Reviews May Boost Local Search Results

In 2013, I wrote a post about how Google might consider using requests for driving directions as something that might boost local search results at Google in the post, Driving Directions vs. Reviews as Ranking Signals for Google Maps. That post was based upon a white paper that told us that there was a strong correlation between requests for driving directions and positive reviews for a business. The paper I had written about was, Hyper-Local, Directions-Based Ranking of Places (pdf). The post also looked at a Google patent named Directions-based ranking of places returned by local search queries.


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Have you had a PPC audit recently? If so, how do you know it was done correctly? In this post, we point out how you know if your PPC audit was done by a rookie.

Using Google Customer Match to optimize PPC campaign performance

Your display advertising targets specific audiences, but what about your search marketing? It’s time to think beyond the keyword, and tailor your PPC campaigns based on who is actually viewing or clicking your ad.

Netflix’ SEO Problems on Google and What You Can Learn From Them

One month ago, had a dramatic loss in Visibility on Google, all over the world. To mention just a few of their important markets: they lost 71% Visibility in the UK, 64% in the USA, 59% in France, 49% in Italy, 43% in Germany and 39% in Spain. Netflix managed to first regain and then even increase their Visibility, just one week later. But now, the Visibility has dropped again, for both Desktop as well as Mobile, and this time, there are no signs of a comeback, even two weeks later:

Category page link building for ecommerce sites. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Time and time again, the discussion comes up. Building links to your homepage can be challenging, building links to category pages on an ecommerce site, however, is a totally different universe of hard.

10 ways to generate links with online influencers

Columnist Kevin Rowe shares tips on working with online influencers to boost your brand’s link profile, its brand visibility and traffic to your site.

A Complete List of the Different Types of Featured Snippets

As the organic search results are increasingly being eaten up by PPC ads, the Knowledge Graph, and People also ask boxes, featured snippets signal a new hope for many SEO pros.

Writing Headlines that Serve SEO, Social Media, and Website Visitors All Together – Whiteboard Friday

Have your headlines been doing some heavy lifting? If you’ve been using one headline to serve multiple audiences, you’re missing out on some key optimization opportunities. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand gives you a process for writing headlines for SEO, for social media, and for your website visitors — each custom-tailored to its audience and optimized to meet different goals.

Unlocking Hidden Gems Within is cryptic. Or at least that’s what I had always thought. To me, it was a confusing source of information: missing the examples I needed, not explaining which item properties search engines require, and overall making the process of implementing structured data a daunting task. However, once I got past’s intimidating shell, I found an incredibly useful and empowering tool. Once you know how to leverage it, is an indispensable tool within your SEO toolbox.

The SEO Apprentice’s Toolbox: Gearing Up for Analysis

Being new to SEO is tricky. As a niche market within a niche market there many tools and resources unfamiliar to most new professionals. And with so much to learn it is nearly impossible to start real client work without first dedicating six months exclusively to industry training. Well…that’s how it may seem at first.


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8 Apps to Enhance Your Instagram Stories

Want to improve your Instagram stories and Stories ads? Looking for easy ways to create or transform your videos on Instagram? In this article, you’ll discover eight apps that’ll help you create better Instagram stories.

4 Facebook Algorithm Hacks to Bring Your Reach Back from the Dead

Here’s why your reach is declining, and four Facebook algorithm hacks to help you combat it.


Facebook is experimenting with letting brands study people’s posts and comments on the network in an effort to better inform their marketing.

3 Facebook Ad Tools for Better Targeting

In this article, you’ll find three tools that give you a more complete picture of whom your ad audience is, what they’re doing on your site, and how much they’re worth.

3 YouTube Video Optimization Tips for Marketers

In this article, you’ll discover three ways to improve the visibility and impact of your YouTube video content.

LinkedIn Website Demographics: What Marketers Need to Know

LinkedIn Website Demographics provides professional insights about your website visitors and allows you to remarket to them through LinkedIn ads. In this article, you’ll learn how to set up and use LinkedIn’s Website Demographics for remarketing.

The Ultimate GIF Guide for Social Media Marketers

A ferris wheel. An Olympic athlete. Your content. Some things are just better in motion. Words and photos are great for telling stories but it’s sometimes difficult to find exactly the right ones to convey your message. On the other hand, video requires a certain kind of commitment from both the content creator and the audience. Enter: the GIF.

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