SEO News Update – Week of Dec 18, 2017

Google Changes & More

Does Google Use Online Brand Mentions for Search Ranking? – Eric Enge with Gary Illyes at Pubcon 2017

At Pubcon 2017 in Las Vegas, our founder and CEO Eric Enge sat down with Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes for an in-depth keynote conversation about recent developments in search and SEO.

Google Plans To Roll Out New Search Console Early Next Year

In July, we first uncovered the new beta Google Search Console and SEOs and webmasters have been eager to get into the beta. With the news that we broke where Google is showing over a year of data in the beta Google Search Console, more and more are extremely eager to see their sites and clients sites being part of the beta.

Google Rolls Out Search Results to Local Knowledge Panels

Google seems to be rolling out Search Results to knowledge panels. Google started testing the feature in October.

Google Defines Doorway Pages: Pages For Ranking For Keyword Permutations

There is often a lot of confusion around what a doorway page is and since it is specifically against Google’s very own guidelines, it is important to understand that you do not make pages that look and feel like doorway pages.

Google revamps its SEO Starter Guide

Google announced that it has retired the old PDF version of the SEO Starter Guide originally released in 2008, over nine years ago, with a new web-based version of the guide.

Google Maps will soon tell you when it’s time to get off your train or bus

Google is about to launch a small but useful update to Google Maps that will give you live guidance and interactive real-time notifications during your journey.

Apple confirms Shazam acquisition; Snap and Spotify also expressed interest

After we broke the story last week that Apple was acquiring London-based music and image recognition service Shazam, Apple confirmed the news today. It is purchasing the startup — one of earliest players in the world of mobile music — as part of its bigger ambitions in the music business.

SEO in 2018: Optimizing for voice search

Columnist Bryson Meunier argues that by understanding the nuances of voice search, marketers can do a better job of helping searchers find exactly what they’re looking for when they’re asking for it by voice.

AdWords advertisers can use phone numbers & addresses for Google Customer Match targeting

Google Customer Match becomes more accessible to advertisers that don’t have large customer email lists.


Tutorials, Analysis & SEO Budgeting

Why Every SEO Should Understand Machine Learning – Here’s Why #146

Machine learning algorithms can seem as strange and scary as an alien attack, but they’re having a massive impact on how search engines like Google evaluate your site and its content. Are you doing what it takes to win at SEO in the machine learning age?

Review Schema – Get Review Stars in Google With Markup

When it comes to review stars, there is a lot to know. But the main thing you need to know, is you need review schema.

Thin Content: what is it, what can cause it, and how do you find it?

Thin content can be defined as content with little or no added value. Some of the pages that lie into this classification are pages with duplicate content, automatically generated content, affiliate and scraped content, and doorway pages can be classified as thin content by Google. These techniques don’t provide users with substantially unique or valuable content, and are in violation of our Webmaster Guidelines.

How To Create & Submit A Sitemap: The Definitive Guide

XML sitemaps are a great way to ensure your site is crawled and indexed properly. Learn how to take control and build your own

What’s the value of a link?

Or a link building campaign? Or a Digital PR campaign? How do you measure the exact ROI of either each link or a campaign as a whole?

70% SEO Visibility Increase by Doing Content Optimization

We’ve got to the point where we are no longer trying try to convince you about the importance of content (*hysterical applause, whistles, cheers*). But to the point where we want to show you ways to improve your traffic and rankings in just a few easy-to-follow steps. Worked wonders for us.

5 local search tactics your competitors probably aren’t using

When you and your competitors are all adhering to local SEO best practices, how can you differentiate your business from the rest? Columnist Sherry Bonelli has some ideas.


You need to protect your website from negative SEO. Before you can protect it, though, you have to understand the various negative SEO tactics. Here is what to watch out for.


Social Media Marketing

The Most Significant Social Media Marketing Trends for 2018

Marketers like you are routinely integrating social media marketing with their core marketing strategies. So you have to update yourself on latest marketing trends. Find out what’s going to work for you in the future.


As social media changes in 2018, what trends should social marketers keep an eye on? We’ve rounded up a few experts to weigh in on what to expect in the coming year.

How Social Media Marketers Can Leverage Marketing Technology

As audiences grow and platforms become more sophisticated, social media is only becoming more valuable for marketers. But as more brands invade social platforms, marketers need help optimizing their content strategy and ad spend—and that’s where marketing technology comes in. eMarketer’s Tricia Carr spoke with Yuval Ben-Itzhak, CEO of social media marketing platform Socialbakers, about how this technology has changed to meet marketers’ needs, and which social benchmarks are most important throughout the industry.

4 Powerful Lessons My Facebook Prank Taught Me About The Power Of Social Media Marketing

Two years ago, a Facebook prank made me stop underestimating the power of the social media. I had read a lot about the Social media’s marketing power at the time, but I still took it for granted and certainly didn’t exploit it as an entrepreneur, not to its fullest anyway.

12 Ways to Improve Your Startup’s Social Media Marketing

The Dutch airline, KLM has developed a social media strategy revered by marketers. The brand uses Twitter, Facebook and Instagram masterfully to provide outstanding customer service and to advance the organization’s brand narrative. As a result of this strategy, KLM makes roughly €25 million annually from social media.

40 Social Media Marketing Tips Every Marketer Needs To Know

It’s a fast-moving industry, and with so much to learn and do, it’s easy to feel like you’re falling behind. That’s why we’ve pulled together this list of our top 40 social media marketing tips.

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