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Crafting Strategy

Built on extensive experience in the world of search engine marketing, the Foundation Digital team has earned an esteemed reputation for unearthing vast potential in companies large or small and fashioning contagious brand strategies that propel them to new heights. Whether you have a burgeoning new startup or a well-oiled business operation, we can come alongside your team and craft a custom-fit solution that ranges from a strategy audit to a competitive analysis to a full-blown master plan. And we can do it however it fits best with your budget and workflow: a flat-rate project, hourly phone consultations or monthly retainer relationship. Learn more about our consulting services.

Creating Content

We are a pioneer in translating innovative ideas into compelling written and visual content tailored to the entire spectrum of digital devices. Whether you provide the inspiration or we do, our core team and versatile network of top-quality vendors can create the kind of attractive, results-driven content that can help you achieve your goals. Our specific areas of expertise include:

  • Open-source CMS development in WordPress, Drupal and Magento, including custom responsive design and theme/plugin development
  • Written content, including articles, ebooks, white papers, area guides, etc.
  • Visual content, including infographics, videos (live, kinetic and animated), quizzes, memes, etc.
  • Mobile app development for Android and iOS

Telling the World

Impressive content is only the beginning. Without strategic awareness, it can quickly and easily drift past the ever-shifting attention of today’s influencers. We excel at getting the word out far and wide through efficient and effective promotional tactics that reach your target audience via:

  • Blogger outreach
  • Traditional online PR
  • Social sharing
  • Newsletter/RSS distribution
  • Paid amplification (Twitter/Facebook ads, retargeting, etc.)

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